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“My wife and I have recently be faced with a variety of questions regarding real estate, business, and financial literacy. A coworker noted that we should reach out and so we did as a starting point. Setting up a quick 30min call was easy with a virtual meeting link and the hours were flexible enough to fit our schedules. Was great talking to them about how to move forward. We were able to walk away from the first meeting with a lot of info.”– Andrew C.

“Excellent presentation of information. Alot to think about if you are considering retirement. Higher Ground would definitely be the planners to go with.”– Daphne S.

“Our experience with Higher Ground Financial (both Imran “Raz” and Daniel Razvi) has been nothing but positive and amazing! They clearly care about their client’s interests, take the time to listen to their client’s concerns, ask effective questions, and in the end provide outstanding financial guidance and advice designed to meet their clients needs. We were very pleased with their knowledge and professionalism and the friendly atmosphere in which they work. They are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.”– Cheryl M.

“Higher Ground Legal is truly a treasure. In a time when there are so many uncertain things in life I have discovered an extremely professional yet personal connection with the business. The team is highly qualified and very meticulous as they review options available to your individual financial situation. Their integrity and character is reflected in all of their actions. Their shared knowledge is overwhelming. There is a very quick turnaround when reviewing your information and suggesting options to secure your financial planning. I highly recommend  Higher Ground Legal.”– Gwen B.

“Daniel Razvi has been extremely beneficial. Very honest, which is becoming increasingly difficult to find these days. The majority of advisors I spoke to be more concerned with their own financial security than assisting clients in doing the same. Daniel comes highly recommended by me because of his professionalism, honesty, and, most importantly, great advice.”– Joseph R.

“Working with Daniel at the  Higher Ground Legal was easy as pie! From the info packed presentation to their financial services, I feel I can finally take a worry-free breath financially. The earlier, the better…check them out!”– Debbie A.

“I just got off a video call with Raz, and it was super informational. Raz provided me with some simple and proven steps that is directly related to my currently financial situation that will launch me in a good direction in preparation for retirement. He spoke in simple terms that I could understand and relate too. I highly recommend speaking with  Higher Ground Legal for your future investing and retirement needs.”– James W.

“Best keep it to the facts presentation. They do not waste your time in the initial session. Their follow up is about you and your needs, not just a quick hit sale and thank you. These guys are the real deal and will tell you what is best for you. No BS. I highly recommend these guys.”– Michael C.

“The team of Higher Ground Legal, Inc. is beyond amazing, both as professionals and as caring human beings. They asked about my interests, studied my financial situation, and got acquainted with tax laws in a different country in order to make sure they gave me the best advice, regardless of whether their counseling benefitted them or not. After several meetings with them, I am clearer on which are my best options to ensure a financially healthy near future and retirement. During all our meetings they kept in mind what is important to ME! Through them, I have regained my faith in financial professionals and, basically, in humanity. I would (and will) recommend this team to anyone who wants to build a brighter financial future.”– Keila L.

“Was given advice that could advance my way to retirement by the time I’m 50. Daniel was very informative of ways that I could take a 401k and make changes to create a positive cash flow basis in the now economical futures. Would highly recommend and will return to get more investment advice once I complete my necessary changes.”– Jennifer C.

“I have been working with Daniel and Imran over the last 2 months to select some financial products that would help me meet my goals. I have nothing but good things to say about them. They are very responsive, thorough and well informed, and professional. They patiently answered all of my questions and fully explained things that I found confusing. They made suggestions but fully respected my choices even when differing from their suggestions. If you are looking for someone who can assist you in the areas of tax planning, , insurance and other financial services, then I highly recommend  Higher Ground Legal.”– Jerry g.

“Raz and Daniel provide very informative wealth management and offer creative, out of the box thinking for all levels of clients. I began working with them with somewhat of a bleak future and they have given me confidence in my future investments. I would be happy to recommend their services and can say that they are not your “typical” financial advisors! Love them :)”– Marlene C.

“Higher Ground Legal is a wealth of knowledge. Mr. Raz, is very professional and highly strategic in making your money work for you. I give this group an A+++.”– Andre T.

“Daniel knows his stuff about various strategies to invest in tax free retirement income. I was very impressed with his interest in helping me and got some great ideas and information from him. I expect to work with him on implementing some ideas.”– Tom R.

“Daniel and Raz have been great to work with. They take their time working with us “beginners” in financial planning. Every time we talk with them, they never make us feel rushed and spend as much time as needed explaining things. They are both very professional as well as extremely personable. Can’t thank them enough for all their help.”– Kathleen R.

“Very professional presentation that taught us some important facts! Thank you for spending quality time while treating prospective clients to a fabulous dinner. We both feel more in tune with our financial needs now. Hope to talk with you soon!!”– Rebecca H.

“The folks at  Higher Ground Legal, Inc. have provided us with a detailed analysis of our retirement situation and offered several options to improve our future. I want to thank them for their personal approach and perseverance in trying to find the best programs of us.”– Richard L.

“I highly recommend Higher Ground Financial Services. Raz and Daniel have given us information that we would not have considered. They are knowledgeable, professional and work in our best interest. I am impressed with how much time they have spent with us and how thorough they have been. I can’t say enough good things about Daniel and Raz!”– Ethan S.

“The presentation done by Higher Ground was professional and extremely informative. We will absolutely be using them to help us make the most out of our financial retirement plans.”– Lisa R.

“Higher Ground Legal is expert in working with you to create individual plans to protect your assets and help them grow while avoiding common pitfalls. The plans are geared toward your own situation, needs, and goals. After losing another $11,000 in my old 401K, I was very grateful to learn about much safer ways to protect my money! Alex Echeandia has been extremely helpful in designing plans for us to do just that, and, as the financial world is “Greek” to me, I appreciate so much his patience when I needed him to repeat things several times! Alex can expertly advise on every aspect of your financial security – I only wish I had known of this group sooner!”– Diane H.

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