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Estate Planning - Higher Ground Legal

Our basic estate planning package (for single or couples) includes:​

  • Review of all existing wills and trusts (if any)
  • Wills for each spouse ​​
  • Power of attorney for each spouse ​
  • Advanced medical directive for each spouse ​​
  • Living/revocable trust for the family ​​
  • Estimated estate taxes
  • Estimated income taxes due at death ​​
  • Several specific recommendations for minimizing those taxes ​​
  • Drafting deeds to transfer your properties into the trust ​​
  • Assistance in changing beneficiaries, recommendations for how to title properties, etc. ​​
  • Unlimited (within reason) follow-up texts/emails/phone calls to discuss updates and other things related to estate planning
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Estate planning, we'll make it stress-free.
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